A plea to the one known as bloodstains is a post to /r/nosleep by Jason Peterson in which he begs to be left alone.

In the comments, Jason responds to redditors with paranoia, and says that there is somebody standing in his front lawn. He mentions that his girlfriend is in Australia for the holidays. Bloodstains responds with posts containing countdowns.

Latin TranslationsEdit

obiT aNus, abit oNUs

"The old woman dies, the burden is lifted."

oderint dum metuant

"Let them hate so long as they fear."

omnibus locis fit caedes

"Let there be slaughter everywhere."

mors omnibus (comments)

"Death to all"

memento mori. (comments)

"Remember that you will die / remember your mortality."

mors certa, hors certa (comments)

"Death is certain, the hour is certain."