Dead Em All

Frank: I swear I’m gonna kill myself if I don’t get this test right

Kass: I know right

David: god do you guys always just talk about tests

Frank: no sometimes we talk about sandwiches

David: what the hell

John: why not talk about Kass’s turkey sandwich

Kass: dude you never seen it

John: who says I haven’t

Frank: guys shut up

John: frank we all know you want to see your crushes-

Frank: SHUT UP

David: ok guys it 3:00 we should get to bed

Kass: actually i need to take a shower so I’ll see you guys tomorrow, NIGHT

David: night kass

John: oooooooooh (night)

Frank: night kass

Kass left chat

David: so who are you guys crushing on


Frank: John don’t you dare


Frank: John

John: fine I won’t

Frank: thank you

John: Kass

Frank: JOHN

John: ha haha ha ha


Frank:??? What wrong?

John: mhm?


John:...ooooooooooh haha frank you have competition!!!!

David:..... n-no

Frank: it’s cool David

David: ok are you sure

Frank: yeah

David left chat

Frank: umm I guess it’s just us John

John left chat


??? Joined chat

Frank: hello? Who are you


Frank: ok are you John playing a stupid joke on me

???: no

Frank: is this David?

???: no

Frank: is this Kass?

???: no but she has really soft long hair

Frank: this is John

???: if I was this “John” person then I would be dead

Frank: what do you mean dead?

???: did you not see your closet

Frank: okay…. I’m not going to look

???: ok then what was the point asking

Frank: how about I find out who you are by only being able to ask 30 questions

???: hmmmm 15

Frank: fine

???: go

Frank: do you go into my school

???: yes

Frank: are you a boy

???: no

Frank: do I know you

???: yes

Frank: ok so...

Frank:you go in my school, your a girl, and I do know you

???:yes now go

Frank: did you ever like me

???: yes

Frank:this is going to had then

???:if you don’t find out who I am in 11 more questions...

???: then you die

Frank: ok ok

Frank: did…. I date you?


Frank: wait…. are you dead?!

???: I was

???: but I guess you could say I am

Frank: Emma??!!!!

???: I saw you with that girl “Kass” she is cute but she sure is a slut

???: see ya tomorrow in your sleep and so will Kass

??? Has left chat

Frank left chat

           Next Day

Frank has joined chat

Frank: hello guys I think there is a problem

??? Has joined chat

Frank: what do you want

???: you back

Frank: leave me alone

???: I already handled your friends



???: next is that girl

Frank: you better leave her alone

??? Left chat

Frank left chat


??? Has joined chat


???: See you in hell my dear son