The post starts with e-mails between Ashlyn Mary Fenix and Julie Carpenter, who are planning a camping trip on halloween with a group of friends inclusing Mel, Luke and Joshua Berkley.

Julie had learned of the Hell House and the correspondence series on reddit though a friend and shared it with Ashlyn, who were excited to camp near the area and thought about checking the house out during their weekend trip.

Later, through text messages, we see that Julie found Kirby Road (location of the Hell House) while on a walk and her and Ashlyn go to the house during the night.

Julie loses contact with Ashlyn while in the house and her friend Joshua texts to check if they are alright. She later calls him and leaves a voicemail message that reveals she and Ashlyn found a dead body in the house and were distressed.

Josh replies in latin, and appears to be infected.

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