This update is an intercepted submission by reddit user /u/silent_tyler, about his old friends from high school: Aaron, Markus, TJ and Ashlyn, who shared a blog with him to catch up.

After not hearing from most of them in a while, he notices Ashlyn has posted a picture to their old blog, but the picture was too dark to make anything out. A couple of days later she posts another picture, this one seems to feature a woman. He suspected Ashlyn might not be the one posting the pictures, but when he tried to contact her to make sure, her contact information has been deleted from his phone.

As the days go by, more bizarre and disturbing pictures are posted to the blog under Ashlyn's name. He receives a number of these pictures on his phone, also, and begins to gradually forget his friends and their time together. Their posts even seem to dissappear from the blog. He then finds clothes of his covered in blood, and wonders if he has done something wrong.

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