correspondence:;//revelations:;//00 is the first Revelations post and the tenth bloodstains correspondence. It contains what at first seems to be a phone conversation between Amy Hutchins and her friend Cristina on May 11, 2011, before the events of Correspondence 4.


The image from Amy's webcam.


The image from Amy's webcam, made brighter.

Amy tells Cristina that things have been strange since Shaun died, and that something doesn't feel right. During the conversation, she notices that her laptop is typing their conversation. Then she says that there is a woman standing in her doorway.

bloodstains then connects to her on-board webcam and e-mails the resulting .jpg to 35 recipients, including Jason Peterson who later posted the image in /r/scary as Creepy Image From the Room of a Girl Who Killed Herself.

"Cristina" then reveals that Amy is confiding in someone who doesn't exist; Cristina is Amy's middle name.

Latin translationsEdit

sic gorgiamus allos subjectatos nunc
pseudo-Latin: "We gladly feast on those who would subdue us."
res ipsa loquitur
"The thing speaks for itself"

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