correspondence:;//revelations:;//02 is the twelfth bloodstains Correspondence.

It contains a Facebook chat log from November 8, 2011 between Jason Peterson and Amanda Cooper in which Jason tells Amanda that he wants to talk to her because he is rattled, having seen Revelations 1 and because he has been receiving strange e-mails and messages. Amanda rejects him and deletes him from her friends so that he cannot message her any more.

It also includes an e-mail from November 10 in which Amanda apologizes and admits that she, too, has gotten weird e-mails and that the week before, she was sent text messages from Shaun. Another e-mail is shown from November 14; in it, Amanda describes a "nightmare" she had the previous night which she doesn't recall waking up from.

Finally, the Correspondence ends with a link to Shaun's mobile gallery, uploaded from his iPhone.

Latin translationEdit

Repetitio est mater studiorum

"Repetition is the mother of learning."

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