correspondence:;//revelations:;//04 is the fourteenth bloodstains Correspondence.

It contains an interview with Daniel Sommers, a professor at Indiana University and the author of a book titled "Twenty-first Century Haunting."

Next is a history log from Jason Peterson's phone on December 8, 2011 between 3:53 and 4:27 am. He makes failed calls to Nicole Watts (his girlfriend), "Anth k", and 911 Emergency before texting Samantha Cross, who does not respond, and Amanda Cooper. He tells them that somebody is in his house. He makes another failed 911 call, then Amanda responds: "Shaun?" Jason says that he is going to record this.

A link to the video he records is then uploaded to YouTube and posted.

Synopsis of the videoEdit

Jason walks around the house, breathing heavily. He opens the door to a room with extreme caution, and looks at something on the bed. The door closes behind him and the lights go out. Shuffling is heard in the dark. With about ten seconds left in the video, we hear a "demon growl" or the sound of a door opening, and then Jason screaming for about one second.

Latin translationEdit

malum quo communius eo peius

"The more common an evil is, the worse it is."

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