correspondence:;//revelations:;//04.5 is the fifteenth bloodstains Correspondence. It takes place primarily on January 23, 2012.

In it, Nicole Watts sends an e-mail to Jason Peterson, her boyfriend. She is visiting her Aunt in Sydney, Australia, and is worried because she hasn't heard from him recently.

After the original e-mail was posted, redditors sent e-mails to Nicole's address, and some of those e-mails and the responses from Nicole were posted in edits to Revelations 4.5.

Nicole also e-mails her mother, Cindy Watts, and asks her to call Jason. Cindy responds by asking if they changed their number; when she called, a woman who didn't speak English answered (which, as we know, is the old woman.)

The last e-mail that Nicole receives is from Jason's address. It is in Latin and contains a link to a YouTube video. The video is eight seconds long. There is a bloody hand in the lower left hand corner which is twitching, and appears to reach toward a white door in the background. Faintly in the background with the volume loud enough, there is reportedly an old woman's voice saying something unclear.

The Correspondence ends with Nicole e-mailing Jason to say that she is coming home.

Latin TranslationsEdit

adaequatio intellectus et rei

"A correspondence of the mind and reality"