The stray cat

By: insta @art_is_my_life_man

        The three words and 11 letters where “it’s play time”

There was posters all over the town saying missing girls one 16 year old and one 18 year old, it has been three years since anyone has went over to that house so the house was going to be bulldozed but first a police officer needed to look for the any people where in there, so as we walked in he say a scratched up cat walked by him as he walked in all he saw was an old moldy house but when he looked up stairs he saw a phone

He looked over at it and tried to turn it on but the memory card was missing until he looked under the carpet and say a video tape so he went to his car and watched the tape with a 24 year old woman who went missing 17 years ago so later at night he looked even more into the house and saw more tapes of young blond or brown colored hair, and so as soon as he looked over he saw three bodies in a shadowy corner and ran out, got rid of the house and the “cat” was never seen again