The stray cat

By: insta @art_is_my_life_man

Wednesday: Hey in need your help 2:06am

Clare: … with

Wednesday:I found this poor stray cat in my backyard and I need your help to buy him or her food

Clare: here we go all over again with asking me money and never paying my back

Wednesday: hey I do give it back by paying you with high fives

Clare: could I buy something with that

Wednesday:I would do hugs but you know how it is with me and hugs

Clare: yeah ok sure

Wednesday:ok no more talk,just come over here and stop talking about my problems, but I think that the cat is getting really hungry because he just bit me

Clare: he might have rabies so great now I need to pay for hospital bills

Wednesday: noooooooooope

Clare: are you going to be ok I know how your skin is sensitive to sharp things

Wednesday: I know that your my girlfriend but it doesn’t mean you have to be that protective over me

Clare: I know but I finally fell for the right girl but I can’t lose someone that fast

Wednesday: I know, but really it kinda hurts can you come over he’s in my room right now

Clare: yeah I’m on my way over, I just got in my car

Wednesday: ok but please hurry I’m hearing strange noises in my room now, it kinda sounds like my bed is moving

Clare: eww, that’s gross

Wednesday: stop thinking that, and gross

Clare: I’m at your front door let me in

Wednesday: before your come inside I’m going to check what’s going on

Clare: fine but be quick



Clare:I’m scared please answer me

Clare: I need to hear you one more time please just answer your phone


Clare: please answer

Clare: alright fine in going inside

Wednesday:shhhhhhhh don’t walk in the cat is a demon

Clare: stop with the jokes and let me in

Wednesday: don’t touch the house, he will kill you

Clare: he?

Wednesday: he is the cat when I looked threw the door I saw a man covered in blood

Clare: what do you mean cats can’t do that

Wednesday: I’m not joking I’ll show you a picture but I’m hiding under the bed


Wednesday: see

Clare: holy sh**

Wednesday: I’m going to have to ask you to call the police

Clare: on it

                        911 call

Officer: 911 what’s your emergency

Clare: hello yes officer my girlfriend is in danger and there is a man covered in blood in her house


Clare: hello?!!!!

Officer: DONT…… CALL ANYONE….. ELSE!!!!!

Clare: leave Wednesday alone!!

  • beep*
                        Wednesday’s text

Clare: Wednesday you need to get out of that house, NOW

Wednesday: ok I’ll try

Clare: ok please be careful


Clare: hello Wednesday are you out

Wednesday: he isn’t evil he’s just misunderstood

Clare: Wednesday are you ok

Wednesday:yes I could never be better, oh and don’t ever text me again

Clare: I’m coming in

Wednesday: no need

Clare: I’m in your house where are you

Wednesday: I told you not to come in

Clare: this isn’t funny tell me where you are

Wednesday: in my room

Clare: ok I’ll be in there soon

Wednesday: we’ll do you see me

Clare: no

Wednesday: look up

Clare: up?

Wednesday: yes

                      Clare looked up and there she saw her girlfriend sitting on the ceiling and she freaked out then tried to call 911 but then she felt a tongue on her neck and she looked back to see a blood covered man licking her neck with Wednesday on his hand like a puppet and says three words and 11 letters…

       Read next chapter and tell me how you thought about the first part of the story.   Tanks